Gulf Film was established in 1989, a film distributor of major studio productions and independent movies in both Arabic and English to audiences across the region. The company distributes and exhibits over 120 titles a year – one out of every two films distributed to the region – cementing its position as the leading distributor in the Middle East by far. In addition to that, Gulf Film has distributed 4 of the top 10 box office blockbusters of all time in the Middle East.

Recognising the potential of film exhibition, Gulf Film in 2000 expanded its industry portfolio with the creation of Grand Cinemas. Re-inaugurated in 2014 as Novo Cinemas, it is today one of the largest chain of theatres in the Middle East. 

Gulf Film and Novo Cinemas aim to offer a comprehensive range of film and entertainment services to existing and new markets. The combination of Gulf Film and Novo Cinemas creates a regional powerhouse in entertainment that will provide the latest in film innovation and set worldwide standards in the area and beyond.

For over two and a half decades, Gulf Film has diligently built and nurtured relationships with major Hollywood studios and independent filmmakers. These valued relationships have not only allowed the company to grow and strengthen its market position but also allowed the medium of film and cinema to grow successfully across the region.

Gulf Film maintains long-standing partnerships with global powerhouses such as MGM, STX Entertainment, Europacorp and Studiocanal  to name a few.

Gulf Film is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


 novo cinemas

novo cinemas

With a rich legacy of cinema firsts, a passion for movies and a mission to entertain film fans everywhere, Novo Cinemas is proud to be the leading and most visited chain of theatres in the Middle East.

The journey began in 2000, when Gulf Film established the Grand Cinemas brand as its exhibition arm. The launch of the flagship Grand Cineplex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, would be the cornerstone of an entertainment chain that would soon extend across borders and introduce to the region such pioneering technologies as online booking, e-kiosks and the first cinema-dedicated mobile app, in addition to the UAE’s only IMAX screen.

Attuned to the evolving social habits and needs of today’s movie-goers, in 2014 the chain was re-inaugurated as Novo Cinemas, an identity that would reflect the promise of a complete entertainment experience.

The expansive network now spans no fewer than 129 screens and 24,000 seats in 15 locations across the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. Ongoing expansion will see screen numbers grow to over 235 by 2017 in 24 locations and our IMAX network extended to seven spectacular screens, including the largest IMAX laser in the Middle East.

Where people once came together solely for a viewing experience, now they meet, share, contribute, celebrate and connect. Welcome to Novo Cinemas, where a great movie is just the beginning.




Digital Subtitling and Post-Production 

Built on the foundation of over two decades of experience within the film distribution and exhibition industry, PRODDIGI is a digital subtitling and postproduction studio catering to the international market.

Dubai-based PRODDIGI is a division of Gulf Film, which in 2003 introduced the region’s first laser subtitling lab and since then has made a smooth transition to digital subtitling. Upgraded to perform the full-service offerings of a post-production house, the lab was re-introduced in 2013 as PRODDIGI, the only complete solution for film studios, distributors and broadcasters delivering content to the global audience.



Virtual Network Theatre

Control what you play on every screen - virtually

Your theatre network made virtual, The Link is the Middle East’s first fully-managed theatrical content delivery system. The revolutionary service aims to provide film exhibitors and distributors with a more controlled, time efficient and cost-effective means of managing the flow of content to audiences region-wide.

An integrated solution for all theatres

The days of time-consuming manual tasks and redundant manpower are long behind us. The Link dramatically simplifies theatrical exhibition, migrating existing cinema circuits from a collection of individual multiplexes to an integrated network of screens.

Built by the industry, for the industry

Designed from the ground up by industry experts with decades of experience in the local market, The Link uses secure encrypted servers on a fiber optic backbone provided by Etisalat. The service has already proven to be a success, its implementation throughout the region’s largest chain of cinemas (Novo Cinemas) having shown outstanding results.